Modifications (2/16/16-3/1/16)


Column widths, section displays modified on Printer Friendly [Job] Financial Report

Empty fields hidden on all Media Detail View screens

Final Revision checkbox reflected on Edit Media Detail screen (when present)

Grand Total figures added to [Media Detail] Monthly Billing Projections

Mark Tasks Complete? prompt timing modified on Edit This Job screen

Page breaks removed from Printer Friendly [Job] Financial Report

Pasted image settings modified in all document fields [WYSIWYG editor]

[Purchase Order] width of Description field increased on Printer Friendly view

Re(cc) checkbox removed from Create Billing Entry screen

Station drop-down menu widened on Outdoor Media Detail Total


All Clients default added to applicable drop-down menus

Column header wording modified on Financial Report Summary results screen

Date range option added to Financial Report Summary

Delete Marked Fields removed as default setting on [Edit] Document Template screen

Parent and Sub-Job grouping added to Financial Report Summary

QuickBooks Worksheet Permissions, Notifications structure modified

Sorting function added to columns of Financial Report Summary results screen

Sorting functionality modified on Manage Purchase Orders results screen

Type (Full-, Part-Time, Freelance) drop-down menu added to Employee profile


[Address Books] Export to Excel functionality, file content modified

Alphabetical order of Client sub-sections modified on Work In Progress Report

End Time functionality, display modified on Calendar

Event display on Monthly Calendar modified

Existing Time & Expense icon replaced on left-side navigation bar

Media Type indicator added to Search results screen

Resources menu content modified on Add/Edit Calendar Event screen

Job Number drop-down menu content modified on Add/Edit Calendar Event screen

Text modified in Application Options header bar of [Agency] Expense Report

Sleeping Jobs added to Job drop-down menu of Edit Employee Time Sheet screen