Modifications (1/31/13-5/1/13)


[Advanced Search] Address Book criteria modified

Clients & Jobs

Calendar pop-up boxes added to Broadcast, Print Media Details

Column alignment modified [Broadcast, Print Media Details]

Contextual printer-friendly page naming added

Demographic field moved from third to first screen [Broadcast Media Detail]

Email field expanded [Client Spec Sheet]

Insertion Order Vendor name added to [job] Documents Folder

[Job] Financial Report made exportable to Excel

Job Title(s) added to [View] Client Contact Report

Keyword(s) search function added to Vendor pop-up box

Reimbursements Breakdown sorted by Submitted date [[Job] Financial Report]

Station, Publication contact information added to Insertion Order

Status & Tasks

Due date added as secondary sorting criteria [Pending Completed Tasks List]

Sorting options, column header added [Completed Tasks List]

Time stamp(s) in Pending Completed Task List displayed in Workback Schedule


Ability to multi-select Clients added [Manage Insertion Orders]

Collapse [section] function added to Time Summary

Confirmation prompt added to Edit Employee screen

Monthly Billing Projections year span display modified

Name, User Name made required fields for Add/Edit Employee function

Order Results By drop-down menu modified [Manage Insertion Orders]

Subject column added to Manage Purchase Orders [results] screen