Modifications (10/15/12-1/31/13)


[Advanced Search] Address Book criteria modified    

No. column added to Advanced Search [Document = Purchase Order]

Ability to Quicklink custom documents added

Keyword, Subject case sensitivity modified [Advanced Search]

Ability to search document body added [Advanced Search]

Add [Calendar] Event anchor modified

Job, Media Type criteria added to Advanced Search

Time stamp added to Messages

Clients & Jobs

Ability to post individual Insertion Orders (by station, publication) added

Contextual printer-friendly page naming added

Critical Details section added to Progress Report form

Demographic field moved from third to first screen [Broadcast Media Detail]

[Edit] Purchase Order Notification function modified (reCC)

Error checking [No Subject] added to all documents

Hire Date column added to Active Client Folders screen

Insertion Order number column added to Documents Folder view

Keyword(s) search function added to Vendor pop-up box

Reimbursements Breakdown sorted by Submitted date [Job Financial Report]

Status indicator (O, M, V) added beside Purchase Order [Documents Folder]

Time stamp(s) in Pending Completed Task List displayed in Workback Schedule

Status & Tasks

Sorting options, column header added [Completed Tasks List]

Time & Expenses

Disclaimer added to View Completed Time Sheet screen


Confirmation prompt added to Edit Employee screen

Name, User Name made required fields for Add/Edit Employee function

Only QuickBooks Sync’d, Only non-Quickbooks Sync’d options added to Manage Purchase Orders [P.O. Status]