The beauty of CurrentTrack® is its simplicity. It’s a web page and just about everyone knows how to use web pages. It was also designed to be adaptable. One of our goals in developing CurrentTrack was to create a suite of applications that could be adapted to almost any advertising agency’s way of doing business. We tried, as best we could, to make it fit your way of working, rather than demanding that you adjust your processes.

As the Traffic Manager, you’re the primary driver of your agency’s experience with CurrentTrack. We believe the best way to integrate it into your agency is to use it not as a tool of revolution, but as a tool for evolution. Remember the natural resistance to change most people have and the power of incremental improvement over time.

Obviously, you wouldn’t be using CurrentTrack if your previous system had worked as well as you needed it to work. That said, there are probably aspects of your system that did work. Adopt CurrentTrack around those successes and build outward. As simple as CurrentTrack is, its integration into your way of doing business is not something that will happen overnight. But, when it does happen, you’ll be amazed.

By breaking work down into measurable increments, CurrentTrack implies a way of doing business that’s more organized, more accountable and less frustrating than what most advertising agencies endure. As your agency grows more proficient in its use of CurrentTrack, you’ll discover — and presumably change — inefficiencies in the way you work. You may discover inefficiencies in CurrentTrack as well. Either way, we want to hear about them.

The CurrentTrack team