Billing History


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Presented on screen as a series of individual “forms,” the Billing History works similarly to a job’s Documents Folder in that, if you’re the creator of a Billing Entry, you’ll see Edit, View and Move links beside it. The ability to create a Billing Entry requires Special Access, your System Administrator (i.e. Traffic Manager) will have to add the appropriate Employee(s) names to the Manage Permissions list, beside Create Billing Entry.

We recommend limiting access to Billing Entry creation to members of your Accounting Department. Because a job’s Billing History is directly tied to its Financial Report, all employees with Permission to [View] Financial Report may also view the Billing History.

To view a job’s Billing History, go to Clients & Jobs — Client — Job One Sheet — I Want To: View Billing History.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.22.49 PM

To view the Printer Friendly version of the Billing History, simply click on the printer icon at the top of the page.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 1.30.19 PM

You can also view a job’s Billing History, via the Billed Amount to Date link in its Financial Report, by going to Clients & Jobs — Client — Job One Sheet — I Want To: View Financial Report.

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Lastly, the Total Billed figure, within the Work In Progress Report, will also display the job’s Billing History; Admin — Agency Administration  Create Work In Progress Report.

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