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Located within the Clients & Jobs folder, the All Completed Jobs list is a Permission-based tool for monitoring the number of jobs that were Completed within a given date range.

To view All Completed Jobs, go to Clients & Jobs — I Want To: View All Completed Jobs.

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By default, CurrentTrack® displays information for jobs whose Tasks are all marked Completed and the date for the latest of which falls within 30 days of today’s date. This list includes both Active and Sleeping Jobs. To view jobs whose Tasks were Completed within a different date range, simply change the Completed Between dates; click Submit.

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Within the All Completed Jobs list, you can navigate to the Workback Schedule of a job by clicking on its corresponding Job hotlink. Clicking on a Client name will take you to the Active Client Folders area of CurrentTrack.

To view a Printer Friendly version of the All Complete Jobs list, click on the printer icon located at the top of the page. To export the contents of the List, click Export to Excel. The file, in .xls format, will automatically download to your desktop.

TIP: If you don’t see a job you know was Completed within the indicated date range, chances are its Workback Schedule doesn’t contain a Completed Task.